Web Browser Information for HR and Student Systems

Supported Web Browsers for PeopleSoft

…as of June, 2017

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

MS Internet Explorer 10, 11 (see notes about IE 10 below)

Microsoft Edge

Firefox 38 and above

Google Chrome 58 and above

Mac OS X 10.6 – 10.9

Safari 8, 9


Firefox 38 and above


PeopleSoft is optimized for desktop use but the following mobile browsers are supported

Apple iOS

Apple Safari for IOS 8.0.2 and above

 What if my browser is supported but isn’t working?

Try these steps

  1.  Clear any cookies.
  2.  Make sure you are accepting cookies.
  3.  Exit completely from your web browser and try logging in again.


Internet Explorer 10 notes

1. In PeopleSoft applications under certain conditions, the activity “spinner” may continue to spin and otherwise do nothing.  Turning on IE compatibility mode will fix this.  You can tell if it’s on if the “torn page” icon is blue, as shown below. Turn it on (or off) by clicking the torn page.

IE10 compatibility mode

2. The drop-down list icons have a different look than with earlier IE versions, as shown here:

IE10 dropdown icon



3. IE 10’s Do Not Track feature

The Do Not Track feature is on by default.   This means that the browser will send a request to every web site you visit to ask it to not use tracking cookies to track your behavior.  The web site may or may not honor that request.  Whether this is on or off won’t affect your use of PeopleSoft.