FAQ for Changes to Off-Campus Human Resources Self Service System Access

What’s changing?

To protect you, starting September 17th, 2018, access from outside the Williams network will require logging in first with your Williams username (e.g. abc2) and password, before logging into the Human Resources System with your user id (e.g. W1234567).

Why is this changing?

This will help protect your sensitive information, including pay statements, W2 forms, and direct deposit bank account numbers, by making it much harder for scammers to access your information in the HR system.

Has this happened here at Williams?

Yes!  Several Williams employees have been tricked by scammers and handed over their passwords.  These scammers immediately logged in using the employees’ accounts and changed their direct deposit information to divert their paycheck.  Thankfully, this was discovered before a paycheck was lost, but we want to protect you better.

Who will be affected?

Anyone (student, faculty or staff) logging in to the Human Resources system from a home computer, hotels, airports or a smartphone not connected to a Williams wireless network will need to use the additional login.

What else can I do to protect my personal information and that of the rest of the Williams community?

Use different passwords/passphrases for different online systems and services, including your Williams email account, your Williams HR/Student/Finance system account, FaceBook account, Amazon account, and others.  Do not share your account information with anyone.

Will this affect me if I use a VPN connection to connect to the Williams network from off-campus?

No. Setting up a VPN connection to the Williams network from a computer or smartphone will allow you to log in to the HR system as if you were on campus.

Will this affect me if I log in to the Student Records system first from off-campus, and then use the HR System links page to access the HR system?

Yes. After clicking an HR System link, you’ll need to log in with your Williams username and passphrase.  You’ll only need to do this for the first HR System link you click.